Confession Time: Getting My Game On

The start of a new video series, I confess a few things that are on my mind. This week I’m talking about video games. Sure my kids play, well my two oldest, but video games aren’t just for them. […]

Family Game Time: Kirby Planet Robobot

I have worked with Nintendo Canada before but I still get excited when invited to their game release events. Most recently I was invited to the release of the new Kirby game, Kirby Planet Robobot, at the Ontario Science Centre. I was excited. […]

Mario & Luigi Paper Jam Launch Party Event

I get to review a lot of video games for this family game time blog, including family games from Nintendo. Recently I had the opportunity to go to the Mario & Luigi Paper Jam launch party event for Nintendo’s kid reviewers (that’s me). […]

Childhood Pastimes That Will Keep You Fit

It’s the start of the week, after a long weekend of over indulging, so of course my mind turns toward my fitness habits or lack there of. Why does staying fit have to be so hard? Why does it have to feel like so much work? Why can’t we just call up all of that energy and fun we had as kids to keep ourselves moving? Wait, maybe that’s what we should be doing. […]

Splatoon Canadian Summer Tour

In our new family game time blog our gamer guy talked about the virtual paintball game from Nintendo Canada, Splatoon, a fun video games for families. You can read his post covering the features that will appeal to families. If you’re looking for a new family game for your Nintendo Wii U gaming system, Splatoon may just be the ticket. […]