Kids Book Review: I Love You More and More

I Love You More and More Tiger Tales / Publishers Group Canada By Nicky Benson, illustrated by Jonny Lambert 32 pages age 0-3, 3-5 […]

Pampered Pedi Giveaway from Amopé

No surprise, as mothers we think nothing of our personal needs falling to the bottom of the list. Mother’s Day may be a time for handmade gifts from the kids and breakfast in bed but it’s also a time to take a moment for yourself. Amopé has the perfect pedicure giveaway for you to enjoy a #MommyMoment this Mother’s Day. […]

April 10th, 2016|Tags: , |87 Comments

Mother’s Day Gifts for Every Mom

We remind our kids that they are unique, having their own style, maybe enjoying something different than what their friends like. Sure as we get older we tend to conform a little, loosing some of the free-spirit we had as children but we’re still unique. So why should mothers all want the same thing for Mother’s Day? […]

8 Mother’s Day Gifts that Give Back

You’ll probably receive your fair share of chocolate and handmade gifts this Mother’s Day and you’ll love them but I’ve found some gifts you might want to add to your wish list. Not only will you enjoy these gifts but also other women will benefit from your purchase. Here are 8 Mother’s Day gift ideas that give. […]

Remembering My Mom on Mother’s Day

I have missed my mom every day since she passed away over five years ago but her presence is noticed even more on holidays and especially on Mother’s Day, a day we celebrate and spoil those that have tirelessly looked after us since we were born. […]