Confession Time: Hide the Mirror

The start of a new video series, I confess a few things that are on my mind. This week I’m talking about the difference between my inner and outer assessment of myself. […]

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Vlog 009: Road Trip Driving on My Own

It’s been awhile since I’ve added a new vlog but a recent California adventure with my son brought on some unexpected anxieties that almost put the trip in jeopardy. Have you ever noticed it’s easier to give advice to your kids than to follow it yourself? […]

Vlog 008: 10 Lessons from Returning to Work

Sometimes it’s the start of the New Year that has you wanting to make a change. Maybe your kids have entered school full-time, you’re looking to contribute financially to the household or you just want to try your skills at something new. Entering the workforce or returning to work after a delay may be one idea you’re considering, […]

Six Favourite Picks for Beautylicious

Now is the perfect time. The back to school frenzy is behind you and there’s some time still before the holiday rush takes over. Now is the perfect opportunity for a little “me time” at Toronto’s Beautylicious. […]

Grand Wailea Spa Grande Hydrotherapy Treat for Mom

It’s so easy for me, like many moms, to get lost in my family’s needs even when on vacation. That’s not to say my family is demanding because they’re not. I couldn’t imagine traveling with anyone else but sometimes I could use a moment to myself. When in Maui, the Terme Hydrotherapy Circuit in the Grand Wailea’s Spa Grande offers the perfect escape. […]

My Eyes Remind Me of My Age

I remember being in school and saying my parents were 36 years old. For years they were 36, never aging. Not physically but in my mind. Now as an adult I still don’t give age much thought. If someone was to ask I have to do the math, current year minus my birth year. […]

New Year Revolution and Year of Learning

After the parties, gifts and time with the family, the New Year has most of us reflecting on the moments in our life (good and bad) and planning for the future. For many the New Year means resolutions and making changes. I may not a big fan of resolutions, though I think these five are ones I can keep, I can’t help but feel a desire to do something new. Perhaps it’s time for a New Year’s Revolution. […]

Premature Birth. A Mother’s Story

Every day, something reminds me of my son’s traumatic start in life. Sometimes it’s a glimpse of his many scars that are culprit. This morning, the stimulus is the large ceramic mug full of tea that weighs more than he did at birth. […]

Choosing a Healthier Track

For many of us, we know we should be doing more or less of a lot of things in life. More exercise, meditation, healthy food and laughter. Less carbs, sugar, wine and stress. […]

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Share Your #MomEsteem Story

I’ve shared parts of my story through #M [...]

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