Free Meal Plan: 5 Easy To-Go Meals

Everyone is getting run down, catching spring colds, tired of school and ready for summer holidays. This week is going to be simple, comforting, low-stress and easy to eat – nothing complex if at all possible. I’m hoping for some happy, relaxed mealtimes with minimal prep that will rejuvenate tired kids (and parents!) so that we can focus on resting and reconnecting, taking dinner to soccer or eating at the park. Nothing some bare feet in the grass won’t cure. […]

Free Meal Plan: 5 Kid Pleasing Recipes

April! How did that happen? With Easter arriving early this season, and spring break late, the kids seem to be home from school a lot these days. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.) There are plenty of kid-pleasing recipes on this week’s menu – fajitas, creamy chicken with noodles, sloppy Joes and meatballs – but all are upgraded in their own way to appeal to grown-up palates too. […]

Free Meal Plan: 5 Dishes to Warm You

It’s all about comfort this week, as so many family members and friends are getting over colds and the flu. Soup, stew, and cheesy baked things are what the doctor ordered – and all of these recipes are easily doubled, if there’s someone sick you’d like to comfort with a warm pot of something homemade. […]

Pork Recipe: Pulled Pork Tacos

Swap pizza night for taco night – a favourite around our house. Braised pork makes a flavourful alternative to the usual spiced ground beef; set it out family-style with taco shells or flour tortillas, grated cheese, guacamole, salsa, sour cream, chopped tomatoes, shredded lettuce – all the fixins you like on your tacos. It’s a perfect setup for a party, or dinner in front of a movie. […]

Free Meal Plan: Spice Crusted Ham & Cheese Biscuits

Baby it’s cold outside – in Alberta, anyway – and so this week I have some hearty, warm-you-up meals on the menu. A rustic bread lasagna that’s far easier to assemble (but every bit as versatile) than regular lasagna, chicken chili tacos made in the CrockPot, a simple meat-free pasta dish with chickpeas, squash soup with bacon and a spice crusted ham that’s perfect for serving a crowd. […]

Pork Recipe: Pork Carnitas

Carnitas, or “little meats”, are the new trend in Tex-Mex – similar to tacos, but without the crumbled ground beef and taco shells, carnets are made with braised pork (or other types of meat) and your choice of toppings. It’s easy to buy a chunk of pork shoulder and braise it over the course of an afternoon, then pull it apart and serve it straight from the pot, family-style, with corn or flour tortillas, grated cheese, salsa, avocado, chopped tomato and lettuce and sour cream. […]

Free Meal Plan: Tuna Noodle Casserole

This week will be all about multitasking as we come flying into the holiday season. With an increased party schedule, extra curricular activities and parent teacher interviews, the recipes this week will do double duty – all are easy to double and freeze, providing dinner on another night when there’s little time to cook. […]

Salad Recipe: Garden Tex Mex Salad

So, I have this friend who is an amazing gardener and whose yard is overflowing with the best produce you can imagine that I get to tend to over the next two weeks. Let’s hope it lives, since I’m the grim reaper of gardening! The other day she sent me this picture with a great dinner salad recipe. […]

Beans and Lentils Recipe: Veggie Bean Burritos

Chock full of veggies, beans, and mild cheese, these are a great resource to have in your freezer. Double the recipe to bake some up for supper, then roll up the unbaked burritos in cling film, over wrap with foil, and pop into the freezer for another day. Just thaw, bake, and you have an easy dinner or you can put them in a lunch box! […]

Snack Recipe: Pulled BBQ Chicken Quesidillas

Pulled BBQ Chicken Quesidillas Quesidillas are so easy-and so customizable that every member of the family can create their own! These ones use up leftover pulled BBQ chicken from another recipe and then make it mexy. There is no need for a formal recipe here, but rather a guideline for creating your own! […]