Capturing Christmas

If you’ve visited our family travel section or follow our Instagram account, you know I like to capture photos of these moments with my family and friends. I think I take more photos now because my smartphone is with me all the time but TELUS reminded me there’s more to just capturing the images. […]

Rediscover Old Memories with BLACKS Shoebox Service

Have you ever noticed how photos from family vacations, a birthday party or even just hanging out in the backyard have the tendency to transport you back in time? They bring that experience, maybe buried in the back of your mind, to the forefront? They are like colourful time capsules opening up a story. […]

Banking Memories on the Melissa & Doug Blog

In case you didn’t hear, we’re thrilled to continue our relationship with Melissa & Doug, contributing to their amazing blog The Playtime Press. Creative Play Every Day for 2015. My first post is live and is very fitting as we enter the month of February, the month of love. […]

Rediscover Old Memories with this BLACKS Shoebox Service Giveaway

Birthdays, weddings, family vacations, these moments are once in a lifetime and taking photographs are one way in which we try to capture them. These images have a way of teleporting us back to a moment in time and sharing stories almost forgotten. But sometimes these images stay stuck in stacks of printed photos, tiny negatives or slides sitting in a box at the back of your closet. […]

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Canadian Tire is Everyone’s Christmas Store

From preparing for holiday road trips and decorating the house to finding great gift ideas and learning life lessons only the holidays can bring, my family has spent many hours in the aisles of our local Canadian Tire store during the Christmas season. […]

Journal Writing on the Melissa & Doug Blog

The start of the school year means busy schedules with homework and extra curricular activities filling the calendar spots. Getting the kids to reflect on their day is important too and a great opportunity to take to a journal. […]

10 Summer Songs from My Childhood

The Science of Rock ‘N Roll exhibit at the Ontario Science Centre (running from June 11 to October 26, 2014) had me feeling a little nostalgic, especially when I had to explain what an 8-Track Tape is to my kids. Most of my summer music memories revolve around these cartridges. […]

Mickey’s Christmas Carol. Holiday Memories Repeated

Seeing the holidays through the eyes of my children brings back memories of my own childhood. Some of those experiences I love sharing with my own kids. […]

Summer Jobs. Good, Bad, and Hard to Quit

On our Facebook page I was talking about handling currency and facing bills all the same direction. This was something I picked-up from a summer job working at a bookstore.  The whole conversation had me thinking of summer jobs, the good, the bad, and the hard to quit. […]

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Recreating Vacation Memories in the Backyard

As part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias, I was able to recreate some of our favourite family vacation memories in our backyard. The nicer weather means our Summer BBQ Sunday sessions will be starting up again and the family will be spending more time together outside. Although it would be nice to whisk away on a vacation, I found with a visit to Canadian Tire I was able to recreate some of our favourite vacation moments right in our backyard. […]