Cleaning with Lavender

I always think of lavender as purely a scent to enjoy, whether in hand cream or maybe dried in a drawer sachet. It seems lavender is a plant also known for its disinfectant properties, making it a perfect natural cleaner. […]

Challenge Your Family to #StepOutside

I’ll just come right out and say it. I’m not a big fan of spring. Sure I’m glad the cold winter months are behind us (mostly) but the fluctuating temperatures, the falling rain and muddy ground, the brownness of everything that makes up this season also makes me want to stay indoors. Then Kamik sent me a pair of rain boots, inviting me to #stepoutside and I’m extending the challenge to you too. […]

A Canadian Jacket for a Canadian Winter

I love the local movement. Eating local. Shopping local. This past holiday season we made a concretive effort as a family to do all our shopping locally. Supporting our neighbourhood shops ensures a vibrant community and rewards the stores that support local craftsmen, artisans, and growers. Beyond the neighbourhood stores, there are some larger brands that believe in community too. […]