One Corn Dinner, Two Corn Dishes

When you husband knows a fella who owns a farm you end up with a fridge shelf full of corn. We love corn and have even grilled it on the barbecue but what to do with a whole bushel before it goes bad? Scrolling through Patak’s Canada downloadable BBQ cookbook, Smoke & Spice (pdf file) I discovered their recipe for Indian Corn on the Cob. […]

School Lunch Giveaway from Canadian Tire

With boomerang lunches becoming the norm at school, having the right lunch gear can make a difference between what gets eaten and what returns home. I shared a few great litterless lunch ideas recently and thanks to Canadian Tire we have a perfect School Lunch giveaway. […]

Anatomy of a Litterless Lunchbox

Back to school means back to packing school lunches. As more schools are implementing boomerang lunch policies, where everything in your child’s lunch bag that he or she doesn’t eat gets sent home again, how you pack your child’s lunch is becoming as important as what you pack.  […]

Food Ideas. Green Eggs and Ham Recipe

I love green eggs and ham. I do. Especially when they are served in the form of this casserole, a fun lunch idea to serve the kids this St. Patrick’s Day or just something different to offer up during March Break. […]

Lunch Money Day in Support of Second Harvest

Forget the bagged lunch or the fast food line on Tuesday, February 26, 2013. Instead enjoy Lunch Money Day at Yonge-Dundas Square. You enjoy a hot and tasty lunch and the community in need enjoys food programs from Second Harvest, supported by the proceeds from Lunch Money Day. […]

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School Lunch Ideas: Ninja Sandwiches

I received a package from Mr. Christie introducing their new Fruit Krisps, a thin cookie-like treat that’s made with real fruit. Along with these snacks they sent along a few other ideas to beat the lunchbox lull, such as notes, pencils and other small trinkets, and cookie cutters for creating shapes out of food. This had me thinking about the lunches I’ve been sending with my kids to school. […]

Open Faced Bacon and Egg Salad Sandwich

In summertime, there’s nothing like a real egg salad sandwich. I like making them for a meal we’ll be paying attention to, like dinner – it’s not ideal to tote along for a picnic on a hot day, anyway. This version is chunky and rustic, and the addition of crispy bacon makes it a play on the classic bacon and egg combo. On hearty bread, this open-faced sandwich is a knife and forker! […]

Free Meal Plan: 5 Easy To-Go Meals

Everyone is getting run down, catching spring colds, tired of school and ready for summer holidays. This week is going to be simple, comforting, low-stress and easy to eat – nothing complex if at all possible. I’m hoping for some happy, relaxed mealtimes with minimal prep that will rejuvenate tired kids (and parents!) so that we can focus on resting and reconnecting, taking dinner to soccer or eating at the park. Nothing some bare feet in the grass won’t cure. […]

Vegetarian Recipes: Lentil and Spinach Salad with Roasted Tomatoes & Feta

A smallish, healthy dinner early means we can go out later for pizza, wings, or whatever it is we’ll be craving on the patio. […]

Free Meal Plan: 5 Travel Inspired Ethnic Dishes

I have the travel itch. When spring shows up, everything thaws and blooms and the days get longer, I want to stay outside – and hop on a plane, train or automobile, if at all possible. The travel bug translates well to the kitchen, fortunately – if I can’t make it to Asia or Greece myself, I can always use my imagination. Right? I’ll go for a walk and visit some interesting ethnic groceries – much cheaper than a plane ticket. […]