Achieving Flexibility When Returning to Work

When I agreed to take on a new role, returning to the digital agency life again as a Program Director at Blue Hive, the HR personal was curious why I would give up the freedom my work-from-home life afforded me. It’s true, I did enjoy a fair amount of freedom like volunteering at my children’s school or taking impromptu trips. What she didn’t know was that thanks to TELUS I wasn’t giving up on my freedom. I was adding more flexibility. […]

Easy Ways to Conserve Water at Home When #EveryDropCounts

On a recent trip to California we went hiking in Eaton Canyon just outside of Pasadena. The trail we were suppose to hike was closed because of damage from the rain. Not flooding but rather erosion due to the draught the state has been experiencing for the last few years. That’s right, years.  Our ecotourism guide from Bikes and Hikes LA reminded us how it has been a hard lesson for residents to learn and I understand. […]

EQ Bank Charges Less and Pays More

I can’t remember the last time I stepped into my local bank. Perhaps to use the bank machine but hardly ever to see the teller. So much of my family’s financial life happens online yet I still seem to be supporting an antiquated banking system. […]

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Don’t I Deserve Good Customer Service Too?

I knew becoming a parent would change many aspects of my life. There would be late, sleepless nights and discovering old joys through new eyes, but I never thought that I would personally be treated differently. What parent hasn’t experienced the heavy sigh from a flight attendant when they boarded a plane with their child or seen restaurant staff roll their eyes when you sit at a table with your crew? Families deserve good customer service too. […]

Cottage Ownership May Be Easier Than You Think

I love living in the city but sometimes it’s nice to head to the cottage. Unlike most people we know, neither side of our family owns a cottage and it can be such an expensive investment at this stage, or so I thought. Great Blue Resorts offers an affordable way for families like mine to own their own getaway in Ontario’s cottage country. […]

A New Role with TELUS

It can sometimes feel as though our loyalty to brands is fickle, changing based on who has the best offer or what’s the coolest new thing. I’m not immune to this as my needs change and I become more educated. If I’m honest there are only a few brands that have won me over as a long-term customer and TELUS is one such brand. […]

Keeping The Kids’ Christmas Gifts a Secret

I know a few people who like to wait right up until the deadline to try and take advantage of last minute holiday sales but that idea just stresses me out. I would much rather spend the month of December watching holiday movies, baking or rather eating Christmas cookies and just about anything but shopping for gifts. The tricky part about shopping early is keeping those gifts a secret from the kids. […]

My Style. The Body Shop Advent Calendar

Halloween is over and it feels like Christmas is just around the corner especially with the first snow we had today. A big part of getting ready for Christmas is the countdown. Last year I shared some of my favourite grown-up advent calendars and thanks to The Body Shop I can countdown with them. […]

Shomi Digital TV in Canada

As a family we walked away from cable years ago in exchange for cheaper and more flexible digital streaming options. Shomi is a new player in this digital arena and I had the chance to spend the night at the Hazelton Hotel for a binge watching exposure to the new service. […]

A&W Makes Food Choice Changes

Whether we’re travelling or eating at home, food quality has become a higher priority in our home as in the home of many families. If I venture into old habits my body is quick to tell me of my mistake. This is one reason why I don’t take my family to many quick service restaurants with the exception of A&W. […]

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