6 Ways Kids Can Help With House Cleaning

Beyond the kids cleaning their rooms my kids don’t have set tasks to perform in our house though they are expected to contribute like everyone who lives in the house. According to an essay within the Wall Street Journal “Giving children household chores at an early age helps to build a lasting sense of mastery, responsibility and self-reliance”. […]

For the Love of Wood Floors that I Hate to Clean

I love old homes. I the wood burning fireplaces. I love that the dining room, living room and kitchen are all separate rooms. I especially love the wood, high wood baseboards, wood door casings, wood support beams, and wood floors, lots of wood floors. I just wish I enjoyed cleaning them. […]

5 Easy Luxuries to Treat Your Family

Using the words ‘luxury’ and ‘family’ in the same sentence may seem like an oxymoron but even families deserve to be pampered now and again too. It’s easier than you think. Try incorporating one of these luxuries into your routine and your family will think it’s a special occasion. […]

Winter Gardening Tips to Save You Money

As the gardening season draws to a close, many of us have resigned ourselves to spending more money on groceries. While there are many good sales this time of year, the increased spending can still hurt the family budget. Fortunately, it’s not always necessary to accept this situation. Here are a few winter gardening tips that will help you to dramatically cut your food bill. […]

Packing Tips for Portable Storage Containers

If you’ve read Part One of this series, you’ll know that we had one week to pack up our house and move to Kelowna.  Impossible, right? That’s what I thought. But when you decide to make Big Life Changes, hang on.  The universe will take you for quite a ride!  We did it, and although I now know that only those who have lost their marbles will commit to doing this, it can be done.  And here’s how. […]

Christmas Dinner without the Cooking

You’re looking forward to seeing your sister’s new baby and groaning over the same jokes your dad tells every year. Having the whole family gathered under one roof during the holidays would be fun, if you didn’t have to cook the big Christmas dinner for them all. Maybe you don’t have to. […]

Glade Winter Collection Holiday Giveaway

Warm apple cider simmering on the stove. Woodsy pine needles from the evergreen in the living room. Sweet sugar cookies fresh out of the oven. The holidays are a delight for the senses. These aromas warm us, bring back memories, and make us happy. Add the fragrances of the holiday season with this Glade Winter Collection giveaway. […]

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Staged for Living: Take Another Look

Recently, I’ve made the choice to make loving our home a priority.  My first step is to plan.  What do we have, we do love, what needs to go? When it comes to decor items, over the years, I’ve only purchased one item that I absolutely love. […]

Staged for Living

We’ve been in our home since 2005 and we’ve been focused on Everything else except for maintaining and loving our home. Sure, we’ve done the needed maintenance like the furnace etc, but the cosmetics are suffering. Our home is tired. And the stuff? Oy. […]

My Sink Smells! The Secret to a Fresh, Clean Garburator

There is nothing worse than a smelly sink.  Even with a squeaky clean sink, your sink can still smell.  The culprit?  Your garburator. No matter how often I rinse and scrub my garburator, my sink would still smell.  I tried the popular remedies:  water & bleach / baking soda & vinegar.  Both options left a lingering smell. […]

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