Today’s Tip: Defogging the Bathroom Mirror

I can’t be the only one this happens to. Whether it’s at home or when we’re traveling I find the steamed up bathroom room mirror to be a nuisance. Of course the first thing you do is grab a towel and wipe the mirror down but that ends up making things messy, with another wet towel and water streaks over the mirror. […]

DIY Saran Wrap Painted Coasters

Well hey, y’all! I’m Olivia from DIY Mother and today I’m sharing a little painting experiment I conducted over the weekend: saran wrap-painted coasters. […]

6 Easy Ways to Add Home Automation

Remember the Jetsons cartoon with their flying cars and robot maids? This may not be that futuristic world of apartment buildings in space but after a recent visit to Future Shop’s Smart Home I’ve discovered adding a little home automation isn’t as hard (or expensive) as I thought. […]

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Seaside Cottage in Your Backyard

I recently bought myself a new swimsuit at local store, Doll Factory by Damzels. When the shop had their annual end of year sale I was fortunate enough to pick-up one of the swimsuits I’ve been eyeing all year, a suit that reminds me of the sea. […]

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The Colour of Spring 2014 with PC Home

The temperature keeps bouncing like a preschooler on a trampoline, one moment high in the air with the warm sun and next down by the cold frosted ground. It’s those moments of high, those sunny slightly warmer days that have me dreaming of Spring and Summer and the recent PC Home Spring 2014 preview event helped this feeling along. […]

4 Printables to Organize Your Life with an HP Photosmart Printer

School has started again. After school activities and work requests are piling up. Yup, the holidays are definitely over. To avoid the flurry of activity descending into chaos I have 4 printables to help you keep everything organized this year plus an HP Photosmart 7520 e-All-in-One Printer (with supplies) giveaway for all your printing needs. […]

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Alternative Family Pet Ideas

My kids have always known life with pets, cat specifically, but when our last cats passed away so close together around last Christmas I told everyone I was taking a pet break for at least a year. […]

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Personal Gift Wrapping With a Giveaway

I love the idea of decorative packages during the holidays. These brightly coloured gifts and lovely homemade jars, all tied up with beautiful ribbon. Well the LabelWorks LW-400 from Epson makes this wrapping a little easier and we have a one to giveaway in a festive little package. […]

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Winter Gardening Tips to Save You Money

As the gardening season draws to a close, many of us have resigned ourselves to spending more money on groceries. While there are many good sales this time of year, the increased spending can still hurt the family budget. Fortunately, it’s not always necessary to accept this situation. Here are a few winter gardening tips that will help you to dramatically cut your food bill. […]

7 Fun Tea Infusers

Nothing beats a warm tea, either in the morning to get you going or at night to help you unwind. With so many great loose tea brands out there an infuser is a must in a tea drinker’s home. Here are seven fun tea infusers on my wish list. […]

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