Holiday Christmas Book Countdown 2014

Last year I put together our first Holiday Christmas Book Countdown, sharing 24 days of holiday books like an advent calendar. We had so much fun discover new books and old favourites that I decided to create a new calendar highlighting new holiday book releases.  Here is the 24 Days of Holiday Books 2014 to help you count down to Christmas. […]

Treats for Toys Family Time Helps Kids in Need

It’s that time of year again, the annual Treats for Toys campaign from Kellogg’s Rice Krispies. Combining the holiday tradition of baking and decorating treats with the benefit of charitable giving is a program I think all families can get behind. We enjoyed participating last year and this year Kellogg’s Rice Krispies makes it even easier for you to join in on the fun. […]

51 April Fools Prank Ideas

It may not be a holiday that gets the kids out of school but April Fools Day is a favourite with my gang. Who could blame them? Looking for tricks to pull on my family I came across these 51 pranks you may want to try in your home. […]

Curry Shrimp Tacos and 7 Other Five Ingredient Dishes

I love the holidays for all the activities and family time but it does make it hard to eat a proper meal regularly. Recipes that only require a few ingredients are usually easy to create, making them ideal for the busy holiday season. […]

The Sleepover Holiday Tradition

I love holiday traditions. As a family we have a few such as heading to Chinatown for Christmas Eve dinner and enjoying our new holiday book with reading advent calendar. Although my kids enjoy these activities too I think they would agree that their favourite tradition would be the holiday sleepover. […]

Wednesday Style File. Goovy Kind a Love

As you might know I love Benefit Cosmetics, like their  Creaseless Cream Eye Shadow and the Feelin’ Dandy kit. When they came out with there holiday kits I was super exited especially when I Benefit Canada sent me the Groovy Kind-a-Love kit. […]

51 Handmade Ornament Craft Ideas

The holidays always bring up for me feelings of nostalgia. I can’t help but think about the year that has passed and how my kids have grown (again). Handmade ornaments are a great way to capture a point in time, whether as a decoration on the tree or as a gift for the relatives. Plus making ornaments are a great way to keep the kids busy. […]

My Style. Easy DIY Gift Idea

I love to buy gifts give to my friends but that can get expensive. This year I wanted to try something different. I wanted to see if I could make my money go further with a little DIY idea. […]

Holiday Book Christmas Countdown

Earlier I shared a list of 51 Advent Calendar Craft Ideas to celebrate the days leading up to Christmas. One idea we included in the list, and an idea my family participates in at home, is enjoying a different holiday themed book each day before Christmas. Here are 24 Days of Holiday Books, some old favourites mixed in with new releases, to count your way to Christmas. […]

Shopping at Sobeys with a Giveaway

Now that December is here for many it means focusing on the holidays. There are gifts to buy and holiday food to enjoy, the latter being my favourite. Sobeys makes holiday entertaining and snacking even easier with a gift card giveaway. […]