Owlcrate Susbscription Box for YA Fans

Along with great picture books to read to kids at bedtime, I also highlight book suggestions for your teen. Encouraging a love of reading throughout a child’s life is important right up through their teen years. Owlcrate is a fun way to tap into your teen’s love of literature, with a twist. […]

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David’s Tea Makes Summer Iced Tea To Go Easy

Warmer weather means switching from hot tea to iced tea and thanks to David’s Tea its even easier. Their tea press means you can brew your favourite tea, add ice and go. […]

Gift Ideas to Get to the Family Quick

Every year I plan to get an early start to my holiday shopping and every year I find myself in a scramble. Buying last minute for my own family isn’t too bad but it’s those out of town gifts that get hindered by the time crunch. Those gifts for the cousins and family friends. Thankfully I’ve found an easy solution. […]

Best Gifts Best Buy Shopping Experience

When the kids were little Christmas shopping was easy, well, easier. A new doll or blocks or a box of crayons. Now gift wish lists consist of words like megapixels, Bluetooth, and gigabytes. To make it possible to put a few shiny tech gifts under the tree this year, we checked out the Best Buy Black Friday sale. […]

Mother’s Day Gifts for Every Mom

We remind our kids that they are unique, having their own style, maybe enjoying something different than what their friends like. Sure as we get older we tend to conform a little, loosing some of the free-spirit we had as children but we’re still unique. So why should mothers all want the same thing for Mother’s Day? […]

DIY Kits from ETSY Canada

The One of a Kind Show and Sale wrapped up recently and of course the ETSY Marketplace was a buzz with people. I can’t help but feel inspired to call on my own creativity but the hardest part of DIY projects for me is not the doing but rather coming up with the creative idea. That takes talent and what better spot for creativity than Etsy Canada. These DIY kits contain everything you need to feed your inner crafter. […]

Tea and Cookies for Easter

Dying eggs, colourful Easter baskets brimming with goodies, and chocolate egg hunts around the house. This part of Easter seems to be just about the kids but there are treats for us parents too. […]

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Last Minute Valentine Treats

I love the homemade Valentine gift picks from Etsy that we shared and even the collection of handmade card crafts are pretty fun for getting the kids involved but sometimes you’re just looking for something simple yet sweet to treat those special people on your kindness list. […]

Valentines the Etsy Canada Way

The love for your mate, child, best friend, pet, even the neighbour who has always been there when you needed support, these people mean something special to you. You could buy chocolates or order flowers but Etsy offers you a handcrafted way to express your gratitude, love and appreciation. […]

My Style. Fujifilm Instax Mini 8

I love to take pictures when I’m on vacation or enjoying the holidays with my family. But when I do take them I want to show them and share them right away. Digital pictures are great but real pictures in your hand are ones I can carry around in my wallet, give to friends, and post in my room. […]