5 Easy Ways to Add to a Healthy Lifestyle

When I worked at home I could slip in a little fitness whenever I wanted, my day was pretty flexible, but ever since returning to office life it’s been harder trying to fit this into my day. Harder but not impossible, especially with the addition of technology. I, like fifty-two per cent of wearable owners (MaRS Market Insights), find technology helps to keep me motivated around my healthy endeavours. […]

Childhood Pastimes That Will Keep You Fit

It’s the start of the week, after a long weekend of over indulging, so of course my mind turns toward my fitness habits or lack there of. Why does staying fit have to be so hard? Why does it have to feel like so much work? Why can’t we just call up all of that energy and fun we had as kids to keep ourselves moving? Wait, maybe that’s what we should be doing. […]

Hang 10 Fitness with SurfSet Toronto

Like most people, the start of the year has me thinking about my health, perhaps eating healthier and picking up some better fitness habits. It also has me longing for sun, sand and a trip to the beach, anything but the Canadian stark cold winter weather. Combining fitness and the surf is exactly what came to mind when I was invited to try SURFSET Toronto, the city’s newest fitness club. […]

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Fitbit Flex Versus Jawbone Up

The Ftbit Flex and the Jawbone UP are two personal devices designed to give users a way to monitor their everyday health but which one? Thanks to VIVA from Best Buy I was able to put both of the devices to the test. […]

Grilled Mango Chicken and Dancing

The snow is still on the ground but our Big Green Egg has been smoking. It’s amazing how a simple dish cooked on the grill can taste so good. That’s exactly what Patak had us doing recently with a grilled Mango Chicken followed by a little Bollywood-inspired workout. […]

The Color Run Comes to Canada

Whether you run on your own for fun or have been thinking of starting, participating in a 5k can feel daunting. The Color Run celebrates health, happiness, and individuality as runners are sprinkled with a rainbow of colours along their route. And now the popular run has come to Canada. […]

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Challenge Yourself: Exercise for the Right Reasons

The change of season often brings with it a desire for personal change: an updated wardrobe, the start of a new hobby, or perhaps a desire to live a little healthier. A desire for change offers the perfect opportunity to challenge yourself. […]

Making New Year’s Resolutions Easier with Fila Canada

There’s something about the start of the New Year that brings out our desire to make changes and start fresh. For many, including myself, it means adding a little healthy living into your routine. A fun way to get motivated around fitness is with the right clothes and Fila Canada can help. […]

How We Played a Part in Raising Over Thirty-Million Dollars

There were dogs wearing pink bandanas, strollers decorated with pink streamers, men donning pink braziers, and women, lots of women, gathered to show their support. My daughter and I were just two in the sea of many but we were all there to make a difference in the future of women (and girls), walking, running, skipping, and stroller pushing in the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure. […]

Winged Runners. Pink Tutu. Energized Spirit.

It’s been an interesting ten weeks for my 10-year old daughter and I, with training, tutus, and challenges. In less than one week, we’ll be hitting the pavement with over 170,000 other Canadians, participating in our first ever Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure 5K. I think we’re ready. […]