Six After Dinner Family Activities

Just like our bedtime routine, our after dinner routine seems to have altered. I’m not talking about clean-up and getting lunches ready for the next day, but rather the family time. That moment where the dinner routine has passed and before the evening or bedtime routine takes over. This is often our free time to do something as a family but mobile devices and television seem to have seeped in unnoticed. Based on a desire, my desire since I anticipate these family moments will start to be fewer and far between, I’ve thought of a few ways to bring the family time back with fun in our home. […]

Family Game Time: Suspend

Lately I’ve been spending more time playing video games. Did you see our Nintendo game preview video? But board games are really fun too and I’ve got another great game for the family. It’s called Suspend and it is a balance game. It’s not one of those games made of plastic, looking like something that will break after one game. The rods are metal with rubber covering the ends. […]

How to Play Solitaire Card Game Accordion

Solitaire is one of those cottage staples, whether you’re sitting on the back deck enjoying the afternoon sun looking to occupy your time on a rainy afternoon. The great thing about solitaire games is that they’re easy for kids to play on their own especially the version known as Accordion. […]

Colouring to the Moon

From helping with hand-eye coordination and improving fine motor skills, encouraging colouring with kids has many benefits.  But it’s not just a task for kids, offering many benefits for us as adults too. Colouring is a great family activity and To the Moon encourages everyone to work together. […]

Family Game Time: Kirby Planet Robobot

I have worked with Nintendo Canada before but I still get excited when invited to their game release events. Most recently I was invited to the release of the new Kirby game, Kirby Planet Robobot, at the Ontario Science Centre. I was excited. […]

Angry Birds at the Movies

From the video games and board games to our Angry Birds Space Encounter experience in Florida, these flightless feathered friends have been popular in our home for a number of years. When we heard about The Angry Birds Movie release it was pretty high on our list to see. […]

6 Travel Games from the 2016 Toy Fair

Technology can come in handy when traveling with kids if used in moderation. Our own Family Game Time blogger even shared a few apps that siblings can play together on one tablet. But distraction and fun can be had without the use of devices. Visiting this year’s Toy Fair in New York City I discovered a few toys perfect to pack in your carry-on bag or stow in the backseat for your family road trip. […]

50 Tongue Twisters for Family Fun

We had a lot of fun putting our riddle post together and I still pull them out randomly to challenge the kids. Our new fascination is tongue twisters. Their not only great fun to say, they are a great way to help kids with diction. Think your family would like a little tongue curling challenge? Try one of these 50 twisters to get you going. […]

Mario & Luigi Paper Jam Launch Party Event

I get to review a lot of video games for this family game time blog, including family games from Nintendo. Recently I had the opportunity to go to the Mario & Luigi Paper Jam launch party event for Nintendo’s kid reviewers (that’s me). […]

8 Reasons to Own Super Mario Maker

If you’re looking for a great video game for the family, Nintendo’s Super Mario Maker should be on your list and I share 8 reasons why: […]