Exploring the World with Gift’Ems

From Shopkins and gogo’s (not the band), many pocket-sized collectable toys have made their way through our home. When I first heard about Gift’ems I thought these were more of the same but I have to admit I love their travel aspect. […]

Star Wars Rogue One Toys and Contest

I remember my dad taking my sister and I to see Star Wars The Empire Strikes back in theatres. I love that it is a world I can share with my kids, from the experience at Disney World to the new movies as they are released. We’re excited about the new movie, Rogue One, coming to theatres this December and to celebrate we had a peek at some of the new toys as well as a contest for fans. […]

CLIF Bars for Urban Adventure Kids

We may not be big into traditional sports but we like a little adventure when we travel. An urban adventure also calls for energy especially where kids are concerned. […]

My Style. Taking Care of Teen Acne

Back to school means getting back into a set routine. Taking care of your skin is not only an amazing healthy habit to get into but it’s also beneficial to you in many ways. Your teen years are usually when you’re the most prone to acne. It’s also a time of great change as you move into high school and your body changes. Acne can have a big impact on a teen’s self esteem. […]

Cleaning with Lavender

I always think of lavender as purely a scent to enjoy, whether in hand cream or maybe dried in a drawer sachet. It seems lavender is a plant also known for its disinfectant properties, making it a perfect natural cleaner. […]

Taking a Pai moment

Some days I wish I could just escape to the spa, forget the To-Do list and focus on nothing. The reality is getting away isn’t always possible though I have discovered even a small bout of pampering and self love can yield big results. […]

Home Sweet Home for Shopkins

First it was Polly Pocket, then came Littlest Pet Shop and now my youngest is all about Shopkins. Actually, to be clear, my daughter hasn’t given up one version of toy for another; she’s just expanded her play preferences. What is it with these little pint-sized play pieces? And of course there are the accessories in the form of houses, shops, and vehicles that you HAVE TO HAVE for each character group. […]

David’s Tea Makes Summer Iced Tea To Go Easy

Warmer weather means switching from hot tea to iced tea and thanks to David’s Tea its even easier. Their tea press means you can brew your favourite tea, add ice and go. […]

My Style. Wet n Wild Makeup Brushes

I’ve really been getting into doing my makeup, however it can be really difficult to find good brushes that aren’t really pricey. Like $300 pricey. Wet n Wild, a beauty brand that is completely cruelty-free, has come out with some new makeup brushes and I though I’d try them out. […]

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Cooking with Kids and Chef’s Plate

No surprise there are many benefits to kids learning to cook. Along with it being a skill they will carry with them through life, being part of the food preparation process can open a child’s mind to different dishes and lead to less food battles. That’s what I had in mind when Chef’s Plate approached me to try their service. It would provide the perfect opportunity to get my kids excited about food and cooking (beyond making cupcakes and pizza). […]