Boston Pizza Gives a Little Heart

What’s that expression? The quickest way to your family’s heart is through their stomach? That’s true when it comes to Boston Pizza and their heart-shaped pizza available only on February 14. […]

Beretta Farms’ Chermoula Chicken

After school can be crazy in our house, not unlike many family households. We have a routine of unwinding with a snack and then it’s right into homework or extracurricular projects while I make dinner. Let me tell you, trying to manage dinner with homework questions going on can be a challenge. I’m sure I’ve set-off the smoke detector on more than one occassion. I think that’s one reason why I love kitchen tools that make dinner prep a little easier (especially since I’m not a big fan of cooking). […]

Cumin & Ginger Shrimp Grilled Cheese

Yup, fall is definitely here. I’m not complaining. Fall is one of my favourite seasons and it has nothing to do with my birthday. It’s perfect for warm sweaters and cozy socks without the bulky outerwear. The air smells of chimney smoke and the ground is swirling with colourful, crunchy leaves. […]

One Corn Dinner, Two Corn Dishes

When you husband knows a fella who owns a farm you end up with a fridge shelf full of corn. We love corn and have even grilled it on the barbecue but what to do with a whole bushel before it goes bad? Scrolling through Patak’s Canada downloadable BBQ cookbook, Smoke & Spice (pdf file) I discovered their recipe for Indian Corn on the Cob. […]

39 Blueberry Recipes

Cooking and fresh fruit are a favourite with my daughters so when BC Blueberry Council invited us to a blueberry cooking class how could we say no? Held at the Dish Cooking School in Toronto and taught by Registered Holistic Nutritionist Andrea Donsky we discovered that blueberries can make a surprising addition to a dish. […]

Planning, Preparing, and Enjoying a Family Potluck

As part of Sobeys commitment to Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day they are hosting a potluck challenge. A family potluck is a perfect way to get the kids involved with cooking and meal preparation, a skill that as parents we need to share with our kids. Here is how I got the kids involved and made our potluck run smoothly. […]

Mixing Worlds. Curry Pork Loco Moco

Sure there are special days we celebrate as a family but sometimes it’s fun to celebrate the second week of April or the third Thursday of the month. My kids are always up for a little party fun with a mix of worlds thanks to Pataks Canada […]

Grilled Mango Chicken and Dancing

The snow is still on the ground but our Big Green Egg has been smoking. It’s amazing how a simple dish cooked on the grill can taste so good. That’s exactly what Patak had us doing recently with a grilled Mango Chicken followed by a little Bollywood-inspired workout. […]

Pizza Friday with a Heart

Ah Friday, the end of a busy school and workweek and a time to enjoy an evening together. It’s no wonder some families enjoy a Pizza Friday ritual. This Friday, which happens to also be Valentine’s Day, celebrate with your heart and help kids. […]

Mini Meatball Soup

Chilly winter weather is the perfect time for comfort foods in our home, like baked pasta or a bowl of soup. Although I love the idea of homemade soup I’ve never thought of them as a dish I could make until I tried this Mini Meatball Soup recipe. […]