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My husband’s job affords me the ability to work from home, giving me the opportunity to spend time with my kids. His job also means long hours for himself. To make up for this he makes an effort to plan one-on-one time with the kids.

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There are lots of great ways to remember dad, we even shared some craft and DIY ideas, but since my husband has been really busy lately I wanted to find a gift that the kids could give to and enjoy with their dad.

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When my kids were born, I opted to stay home to care for them while my husband worked. This meant I handled most of the day-to-day baby care but my husband was an active and willing participant. Nowadays, more men choose to play an active role in childcare so it surprises me that gadgets like The Ultimate Change Table enter the scene.

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My Dad, My Hero
Raincoast Books
Age 3-5, 5-7
32 pages
written and illustrated by Ethan Long

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With Father’s Day coming up quickly (June 19), it’s time to put some thought into your preparations!

Need some ideas for Father’s Day?  Look no further!  I’ve gathered up a few ideas from around the blogosphere that are easy to pull off and yet make that special guy feel loved!

Most everyone loves a party and why not surprise Dad with a few decorations celebrating his day?

I love these two DIY garlands!

First is the tie garland from My Insanity.

Ideas for Father's Day: DIY garlands

All you have to do is cut tie shapes out of various construction or scrapbook papers, add stick on letters and hang with ribbon or twine.

The guy doesn’t wear ties?  No problem!   Cut out any shape that relates to him.  Fish, baseballs, running shoes, golf, hammers, etc!   You can even get die cut shapes at craft stores already cut out.

The other garland I love is the “Dad’s Head” garland over at Are We There Yet

Ideas for Father's Day: DIY garlands

This garland really involves the children!  You just cut out shapes of heads and your children draw on the faces!   Visit her site to see all the cute faces up close!

To set the table, how about surprising him with folded napkin shirts?

Ideas for Father's Day: folded napkin shirts

Add to this paper shirt cuffs for napkin rings!

Ideas for Father's Day: paper shirt cuffs for napkin rings

These are easy to create and Martha Stewart shows you how here.

My friend, Amy at The Idea Room shows how to make these cute bottle tags.  For your meal,  serve individual bottles and create tags that match the rest of your decorations whether they be ties or the father’s favorite sports team.

Ideas for Father's Day: bottle tags

What about inexpensive, yet meaningful gifts?  Here are a few DIY ideas for the fathers in your life!

One of the easiest gifts are photos.  This photo from Smashed Peas and Carrots shows taking a 3 photo frame and turning it into a special Dad message.  Simply cut out or purchase a D and an A and take your children’s photos with them.  (Remember, you only need one D.)  This gift is perfect for a Dad to display in his office.

Ideas for Father's Day: photos

Another photo gift from Just Another Day in Paradise shows adding scrabble tiles as messages on photos.

Ideas for Father's Day: photo gift

Traditionally, many Dads like to watch tv!   So putting together a nice tv care package added to some of his very own TV time would make many Dads happy men!

Ideas for Father's Day: tv care package

This package from Homespun with Love features many items that can be purchased at your local dollar store.

While there are many many more gifts ideas for Father’s Day, I love this final addition.  The Dad Survey!

Ideas for Father's Day: The Dad Survey

Simply print this out from The Creative Homemakers and ask each of your children each question.  Their father will get such a kick out of the answers.  But wait… make sure you keep them and ask the same questions next year!   It’s a great way to see how your children have grown!

Creating a memorable Father’s Day can be easy, fun and inexpensive!   And don’t forget, being remembered is always the best gift of all!


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When I first left my job a couple years ago, there was a lot that I had not thought about.  I had not really considered how much busier I'd be day-to-day. I was used to stressful working conditions, tight deadlines, and a growing list of requests. But nothing could really prepare me for what it would be like to be home with two small kids.

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Father’s day is right around the corner and don’t be surprised if I write several articles about the importance of this day. We often breeze over it too quickly and never celebrate it to the extent of Mother’s day. I had a great dad; he raised five daughters and four sons (although one of my baby brothers die, my father always counted him anyway). I guess putting him in the ground qualified my dad as being responsible to the end.

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This month all of my blogs are focused on you dads. I think your presence is so important to your daughters in almost every aspect of their life. We know that one out of six girls—ages 12 to 18—take a vow not to have premarital sex. However, 90% of those girls will break that vow and engage in sex. If dad is present in the home and engaged with his daughter it is more likely that she will not have sex before the age of 18.

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She’s not as playful as before the kids’ arrival. Perhaps she’s more curt and distracted and it seems harder to engage in the same conversations that you had when it was just the two of you. You look at her and wonder, what’s going on inside her head? If you want to understand, think of her brain as the dependable family PC.

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