Star Wars Rogue One Toys and Contest

I remember my dad taking my sister and I to see Star Wars The Empire Strikes back in theatres. I love that it is a world I can share with my kids, from the experience at Disney World to the new movies as they are released. We’re excited about the new movie, Rogue One, coming to theatres this December and to celebrate we had a peek at some of the new toys as well as a contest for fans. […]

Nighttime Wetting Questions Answered and a GoodNites Giveaway

Returning to school can be full of excitement as well a anxiety for parents and kids. This can also contribute to nighttime bed wetting. To help your family ease your family into better nights, we have answers to a few common questions around your child’s nighttime wettings plus a GoodNites giveaway. […]

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Challenge Your Family to #StepOutside

I’ll just come right out and say it. I’m not a big fan of spring. Sure I’m glad the cold winter months are behind us (mostly) but the fluctuating temperatures, the falling rain and muddy ground, the brownness of everything that makes up this season also makes me want to stay indoors. Then Kamik sent me a pair of rain boots, inviting me to #stepoutside and I’m extending the challenge to you too. […]

Gift Ideas to Get to the Family Quick

Every year I plan to get an early start to my holiday shopping and every year I find myself in a scramble. Buying last minute for my own family isn’t too bad but it’s those out of town gifts that get hindered by the time crunch. Those gifts for the cousins and family friends. Thankfully I’ve found an easy solution. […]

A Kick to Help Kids

A game of football is a great way to spend an autumn afternoon with the kids; it’s also a great way to support the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund. […]

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Cold and Flu Defence Kit Giveaway

The cold, damp weather is coming and with it will come the sneezing and aches associated with a cold or flu. Shoppers Drug Mart wants to help with a Cold and Flu Defense Kit and we have one to giveaway. […]

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Gerber Baby Photo Contest

Look at those eyes, drawing you in. And that smile, it just melts my heart. I’m talking about your baby of course. You know your baby is a beautiful bundle with a bright promising future. As of September 30th you can share this with the world through the 2013 Gerber Generations Photo Contest. […]

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Monster High 13 Wishes Giveaway

Have you ever wanted to find a magic lamp and get three wishes from a genie? That’s what happens in the new Monster High movie 13 Wishes though instead of three wishes the genie grants thirteen. To celebrate the new movie I have a Monster High giveaway. […]

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Friendship is Fun This Summer

Is it just us, or have all the kids in Canada started saying ‘I’m bored’ in unison? Well, it’s time to banish that boredom by taking part in an innovative new video contest that celebrates friendship. […]

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Realize Your Potential Every Day

One mother strives to work and raise her children on her own. Another pushes herself to live a healthier life by keeping the snack aisle out of her house. Both are following their passion to realize their potential now and every day. American Express Canada wants to see how you realize your potential for a chance to win. […]