Cleaning with Lavender

I always think of lavender as purely a scent to enjoy, whether in hand cream or maybe dried in a drawer sachet. It seems lavender is a plant also known for its disinfectant properties, making it a perfect natural cleaner. […]

Bringing Out the Animal to Clean House

Some people love to clean, moving furniture to get the growing dust bunnies. I am not one of those people even though I live in an old house with kids and cats. You can imagine the constant trail of stuff left behind in a day like cat hair, dried mud and crushed Cheerios. […]

For the Love of Wood Floors that I Hate to Clean

I love old homes. I the wood burning fireplaces. I love that the dining room, living room and kitchen are all separate rooms. I especially love the wood, high wood baseboards, wood door casings, wood support beams, and wood floors, lots of wood floors. I just wish I enjoyed cleaning them. […]

Staged for Living

We’ve been in our home since 2005 and we’ve been focused on Everything else except for maintaining and loving our home. Sure, we’ve done the needed maintenance like the furnace etc, but the cosmetics are suffering. Our home is tired. And the stuff? Oy. […]

My Sink Smells! The Secret to a Fresh, Clean Garburator

There is nothing worse than a smelly sink.  Even with a squeaky clean sink, your sink can still smell.  The culprit?  Your garburator. No matter how often I rinse and scrub my garburator, my sink would still smell.  I tried the popular remedies:  water & bleach / baking soda & vinegar.  Both options left a lingering smell. […]

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Laundry (Without Losing Your Mind)

Let me just put this out there – I hate to do laundry. Doesn’t everyone? Sadly, laundry is one of those things that has to get done, and has to be done often. Add some kids, or perhaps a baby or two, and you may be living in the laundry room. […]