Family Travel San Diego Day Trip

We don’t fly often as a family but when we do it’s usually in and out of the same destination. When planning a Southern California trip with my son we opted to fly into Los Angeles and fly out of San Diego. This resulted in a week long road trip with fun stops in Pasadena, Huntington Beach, Dana Point and ending in San Diego. Before flying home, we enjoyed a San Diego day trip of site seeing, architecture and food. […]

Huntington Beach Day Trip

Any Southern California trip has to include a stop in Huntington Beach, aka Surf City USA, so nicknamed after Jan & Dean’s song Surf City. It’s also the home of the US Open of Surfing. Even if you’re only stopping for a day, there’s a lot of family fun you can squeeze in to make the most of your trip. […]

Safari Sleepover at the Madonna Inn

I was surprised we kept our secret for so long but when we stepped off the plane in the hot heat, the kids figured out pretty quick we weren’t headed to Buffalo, NY. Of course a trip to California means a stop in Disneyland but first we were headed to a safari sleepover about 3 hours up the Northern coast to San Luis Obispo. […]

Pasadena Day Trip for Your Next Family Adventure

No doubt Southern California is a popular spot for families when planning a vacation, especially with such fun attractions as Disneyland and Universal Studios Hollywood. But if you’ve never considered Pasadena as your next vacation destination, I’m here to set you straight. […]

Top Tween Tips When Visiting Universal Studios Hollywood

If you’re looking for some themepark thrills in Sothern California with your tween, Universal Hollywood should be at the top of your list. That’s what my eleven-year old son and I had planned, tossing some roller coaster fun along side our nature hikes. Here are my tween’s favourite picks for the park: […]

Family Travel Southern California Road Trip with Tweens

My son and I enjoyed a little Southern California adventure, taking a seven day road trip, just the two of us. Of course I had to overcome my anxiety of being the only driver but after that our trip together was non-stop. We visited Pasadena and Hollywood, drove over to Huntington Beach and then down the coast through Dana Harbor and ending in San Diego. […]

A Huntington Beach Getaway at the Hyatt Regency

My son and I took a road trip adventure along the Southern California coast, starting in Hollywood and Pasadena and ending in San Diego. En-route to San Diego (and our whale watching experience) we stopped in Huntington Beach, one of my favourite coastal cities, and the Regency Hyatt. […]

Grabbing a Bite in Old Pasadena

Before planning my trip to Southern California with my son, I would never have given Pasadena much thought. Most people probably know it for the Rose Bowl and its vicinity to Hollywood and Universal Studios but as we discovered, Pasadena can stand as its own destination. During our brief stay we had a chance to experience the foodie side of the city. […]

Whale Watching off California’s Dana Point

Sea life has a way of fascinating kids but as they get older, visits to the aquarium may not produce the same awestruck response. When traveling out to Southern California with my eleven year old son, we decided to go bigger, as in an ocean bigger. […]

60 Ways to Celebrate Disneyland’s 60th Anniversary

2015 marks sixty years of Disneyland welcoming and entertaining families. From new parades and special treats, the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebrations mark this milestone starting Friday, May 22. You can read more about the celebration plans on the Disney Parks Blog but in my opinion the best way to celebrate sixty years of fun is to experience the things that make Disneyland special. […]