5 Burger Recipes Inspired by Canada

For many the Canada Day weekend is the official kick-off to summer fun with the warm weather here to stay and another school year completed. Whether you’re heading to the cottage or hanging out in your backyard why not strike up the grill with these 5 burger recipes inspired by Canada’s diverse regions. […]

Falafel Patties with Rice and Lemon Tahini Sauce Recipe

Our family loves falafel. They are great meatless dish that even my kids enjoy eating, either in a wrap or on their own. I might even try making them myself now that I’ve discovered this recipe for Falafel Patties with Rice and Lemon Tahini Sauce. […]

BBQ Cheeseburger with Mango-Chile Salsa Recipe

As part of Summer BBQ Sunday we’ve experimented with all sorts of great food on our BBQ but burgers are always popular. This Cheeseburger with Mango-Chile Salsa recipe from Weber’s New Real Grilling cookbook looks like a tasty alternative to plain burgers on the grill. […]

Free Meal Plan: 5 Make Ahead Meals

I’m away at a conference for most of this week – Monday I’ll be at home, but Tuesday-Friday the boys will have to fend for themselves. Not to generalize, but I know in this case it means KD, pizza and eggs on toast, so I’ve chosen some meals that can be prepared ahead of time and either frozen or refrigerated, then assembled at the last minute. Fortunately summer means not a lot of heavy meals – no big roasts or stews or long cooking times. I think they’ll survive. […]

5 Kid-Friendly Dinner Ideas

I’ve had negligent Mom guilt this week – working and traveling too much – and so I’m trying to focus more attention on my 6 year old. That includes dinnertime, so I’ve come up with some recipes that I know will make him happy – pasta and burgers and French toast on a stick. Because sometimes it has to be all about him… and satisfying my inner 6 year old at the same time. […]

Free Meal Plan: 5 Quick and Easy Spring Dishes

This week our meals will be interesting yet simple; springtime is an inspiring season, yet tends to be extra-packed with extra-curricular activities. So while I like to be able to make dinner from scratch every night, sometimes I need to streamline things a little bit. None of this week’s dinners taste rushed – a springy risotto with peas and asparagus is one of those dishes that looks and tastes like it took longer than it actually does; ditto the crispy Panko fish sticks that come together in about ten minutes. […]

Free Meal Plan: 5 Root Veggie Meals

Midwinter is tough for locovores, with little in season or in storage long enough to last from the harvest through to February. This week I’ll be looking at new ways to use root veggies, from salads to quiche, and will roast some alongside a chicken with lemon and thyme. Then to ring in the weekend, some lovely local beef burgers and braised lamb shanks with lentils, which are a significant Canadian crop, particularly in the prairies. […]

Snack Recipe: Eggplant Basil Burgers

My family loves these burgers. Grilled bits of eggplant stacked with layers of cheese, pesto, and tomatoes come together inside a whole wheat bun to make one delicious vegetarian sandwich. Vary the types of cheese and buns to your liking. […]

Snack Recipe: Kevin’s Buffalo Burgers

A few years ago our family went on a trip to South Dakota, and I was completely stoked about seeing buffalo. We drove through Custer National park and I was practically glued to the windows of the car, trying to catch any glimpse of the amazing beasts that I could. They were hiding. I was so disappointed that night that I settled for a dry, tasteless buffalo burger instead. […]

Beef Recipe: Beef Burgers with Caramelized Onions and Chipotle Lime Mayo Recipe

When I think of summer I think of burgers, and after rooting through our cupboards I came up with this recipe, which was an instant hit in our house. The sweetness of the caramelized onions, combined with the spicy hit of chipotle mayo, made it absolutely mouth watering. My teen declared it the best burger he has ever eaten-and he has eaten a lot of home made burgers! […]