39 Blueberry Recipes

Cooking and fresh fruit are a favourite with my daughters so when BC Blueberry Council invited us to a blueberry cooking class how could we say no? Held at the Dish Cooking School in Toronto and taught by Registered Holistic Nutritionist Andrea Donsky we discovered that blueberries can make a surprising addition to a dish. […]

Breakfast Recipe. Apple and Sausage Omelette

I love omelettes because they are so easy to make and perfect for filling with almost anything you have in your fridge or pantry. Combining the somewhat salty taste of sausage with the sweet taste of apples makes this Family Style Apple and Sausage Omelette recipe worth a try. […]

Snack Recipe: Qi’a Bumpy Smoothie

After school is a perfect time for everyone to take a break, have a snack, and catch-up before diving into homework and after school activities. Homemade smoothies can be a fun and healthy snack alternative. […]

Granola Yogurt Parfait Recipe

Living a little healthier is one of my objectives this year. This doesn’t mean drastic diets and trips to the gym every day. I’m trying to make some lifestyle changes, such as drinking more water and eating breakfast on a regular basis. I found a Yogurt Granola Parfait recipe that might make remembering breakfast a little easier. […]

5 Kid-Friendly Dinner Ideas

I’ve had negligent Mom guilt this week – working and traveling too much – and so I’m trying to focus more attention on my 6 year old. That includes dinnertime, so I’ve come up with some recipes that I know will make him happy – pasta and burgers and French toast on a stick. Because sometimes it has to be all about him… and satisfying my inner 6 year old at the same time. […]

Quick and Easy Dinner: Bacon & Egg Pizza

Friday is traditionally pizza night – but that doesn’t necessarily mean take-out. Start with good quality pitas, naan, other flatbreads or even, yes pizza dough – and make your own. Personal-sized bacon and egg pizzas will be a hit, particularly if you let the yolk ooze out onto your plate. A big green salad or Caesar will round out your easy Friday night breakfast for dinner. […]

Muffin Pancakes and 5 Other Unusual Pancake Recipes

Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Tuesday is right around the corner and with it comes pancakes for breakfast. We make pancakes every year, some with chocolate chips, others with fruit, but always pretty standard pancakes. Looking for something different I stumbled upon Bakerella’s Pancake Muffins on Pinterest (of course). These bite sized treats taste just like pancakes but without all that griddle flipping. I actually made two batters of this thinking we’d have enough for the next day’s breakfast but due to their popularity they didn’t last long. I found, just like making regular pancakes, letting the batter sit for a bit lead to fluffier muffins. […]

A Healthy Version of a Family Classic

Being a mom now, I’ve noticed how dishes that were classic comfort food to me growing up are now classics in my own family. Not really a surprise I guess. If something makes you happy, evokes fond memories and feelings of joy, why wouldn’t you want to share that same happiness with your own kids. There are many food items that stir these feelings in me but the one I’m thinking about at this moment is Toad in a Hole (egg in a hole). You probably know this. It’s a piece of bread with a hole cut in the center and the bread and egg are fried together. […]

Pumpkin Recipes: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Recipes

Fall is one of my favorite seasons. I love the way the leaves turn the landscape into a brilliant patchwork quilt, the nights turn cooler, and Winter squash, leafy greens and root veggies take center stage on the dinner table. Pumpkins are much more than a porch decoration. They are one of my favorite Winter squashes. The smaller pie or sugar pumpkins are the ones to buy to make a cheap and easy DIY pumpkin puree. I bought a pie pumpkin that will make 3 to 4 cans worth of puree for the same price as 1 can! […]

Breakfast Recipe: Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookie Oatmeal

Cooler weather brings visions of Halloween and pumpkin in everything! Pumpkin brownies, pumpkin cookies, even pumpkin soup are the norm, so why not mix a little of that winter squash  into your nutritious bowl of oats? […]