Huggies Hug Box Giveaway for Expectant Moms

Mother’s have known the power of hugs for ages. Hugs can heal. Hugs can comfort. July 18 marks Global Hug Your Kid day and Huggies encourages moms to think about the power of hugs for her baby while she is pre-natal. We have the perfect giveaway to celebrate #NoBabyUnhugged. […]

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How to Grow a Healthy Eater – Starting Solids

Eating is one of the first life skills your baby will learn, and good nutrition is key to keeping your growing family healthy & happy.  Healthy food is synergistic with healthy children, and the best way to ensure this is to start them young – from a baby’s very first foods!  Below are some key tidbits of information for parents starting to introduce solids to their little ones.  In the end, remember to trust your intuition – you know your baby best – and have fun with it.  It is an exciting time of growth and development not just for your child, but also for your whole family. […]

Kids Book Review: Little Chef

Little Chef K’s Kids/Melissa & Doug 6 pages age 0-3 […]

Make More Moments Contest

A new baby, whether it’s your first or your third, is an exciting and sometimes scary adventure. It can also be a pricey one with all the new items you have to purchase. hopes to help save new parents a little money on new brands and some old favourites. […]

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Kids Book Review: Mix & Match

Mix & Match Melissa & Doug K’s Kids age 0-3 […]

Premature Birth. A Mother’s Story

Every day, something reminds me of my son’s traumatic start in life. Sometimes it’s a glimpse of his many scars that are culprit. This morning, the stimulus is the large ceramic mug full of tea that weighs more than he did at birth. […]

Consonant Natural Skincare for Baby Too

We worry about what we feed our babies and how often. We wonder about their nap schedule and their bathroom consistency. We worry because we only want the best for our kids from the moment they enter our lives. What goes on their skin is also important. […]

Preparing for Baby Before You Want Baby

My husband and I knew kids were part of our plan we just weren’t sure at what stage in our marriage that part of the plan would fall into place. But when we decided we were ready to start trying we made some changes beforehand to ensure a healthy pregnancy. […]

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Thyme Maternity Holiday Giveaway for Mom-To-Be

When I was pregnant the holidays usually meant bulky sweaters and stretchy pants but maternity fashion doesn’t mean you have to for go style. Thyme Maternity’s holiday collection will keep mom and baby bump ready for the festivities, whatever they may be. If you’re expecting, we have the perfect gift for you from Thyme Maternity in the form of a shopping spree. […]

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Gerber Baby Photo Contest

Look at those eyes, drawing you in. And that smile, it just melts my heart. I’m talking about your baby of course. You know your baby is a beautiful bundle with a bright promising future. As of September 30th you can share this with the world through the 2013 Gerber Generations Photo Contest. […]

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