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Sex in My City

Written by Dee Brun

I can now count the SLEEPS until Sex And The City 2 comes out on one hand, this gives me goose bumps on my Minolo's. So, since everyone will be writing a movie review, I thought I would write a PREview. Just a little, totally self-indulgent piece on why I am in love with Sex In The City.

sex-city-popcultureFor 94 FABULOUS, LUSCIOUS, STYLE PORN filled episodes. I sat in a dark room glued to my computer, with a bottle of cheap sauvignon and a full pack of smokes ( I know, gross...I have since quite). I felt like some kind of deviant who was privy to a secret clique that only the girls in the know where a part of. You have to remember, Sex In The City first aired in June 1998, on HBO a channel we did not get here in Canada.The show immigrated to Canada, on Bravo in 1999. How it lasted past the first season is a mystery. A cast of virtual unknowns and “ 80's has beens”, prancing around New York city, smoking, swearing and at very odd moments talking into the camera to the audience. Never really liked that part, so glad they ditched it. How did this show make it?

Good old fashioned SMUTT! The frank conversations of these four women, their dating disasters and sexual perils, mixed with cheeky street fashion and cosmos, gave such a new much needed breath to television. Here were these women, around my age, having real conversations about real things that I could relate to, it was made to order. Now I was a single mother of two at the time with a mortgage and, well, life to pay for. So It was not the lavish fashion and parties that I related to, it was on a deeper level than that. I felt Carrie's joy de vive, admired her endless search for Mr. Right and obsession with shoes, she is the free spirit inside me. She is my 5 inch strappy sandals, when I grow up I want to be her. I have Miranda's drive for my career, desire to prove something, not sure what but something. She is my more sensible walking shoe side. Charlotte brings out my inner prude, my moral compass of sorts when I get lost down the path of debauchery. She is my pair of sweet Mary Jane's with a touch of Penny Loafers. Then there is Samantha, the one and only, she brings out my inner sex pot in spades. She taught me to flirt, fight and f...well you know. She is my knee high black patent leather boots.

These amazing four women and this silly little show changed and added to my life in so many ways, I just could not of imagined it. Not only did it change me but it had a huge influence on pop-culture. It changed so many women's lives single or not so single, and how we interacted in social settings. It changed how we spoke and created an entire fabulous language all it's own, who can forget the “up the butt” conversation. It changed how we related to fashion and introduced us to a world of designers that most of us can only dream about. It reinvigorated the cocktail industry, making it chic to drink girlie drinks again. It resurrected Girls Night Out from carve your eyes out from boredom candle parties to strap on your Minolo's cocktail parties.

Sex and the City hit the air waves the same year I became a single mom and ended the year I no longer was. It gave me new breath every week to go forth and simply, be Fabulous. I know so many of you have a passion for this show as I do, and I would love to hear what it meant to you...Cheers

Sex in MY City...

sexincity-cocktailThe Stiletto Tar-tini

1 oz vodka
1 oz X-Rated Liqueur
1/2 oz pineapple juice
2 oz pink lemonade
2 oz white grape juice
6 or 7 fresh raspberries

Muddle the raspberries with vodka and X-Rated, then add to a cocktail shaker full of ice filled with the juices. Shake well, garnish with fresh raspberries and serve… wearing a fabulous pair of heels.


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