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Stand Up and Sit Down

Last summer, my life-long best friend visited. While she was in town, we got inked. Mine’s simple, placed in the center of my forearm where I can always see it. It says [...]

Support Education While on Vacation

Many vacation destinations for families exist in developing countries. Even if you never leave the resort it can be obvious driving through neighbourhoods and communities that the living conditions are very different [...]

50 Ways Kids Can be Kind

When parenting, we sometimes view kids as just, well, kids, but childhood is a pathway to adulthood. It’s often a desire to prepare our kids for the future, the sometimes tough and unfriendly [...]

Ontario Science Centre Biomechanics Giveaway

Surrounded by technology it’s easy to forget that nature offers its own mechanics. The new exhibit at the Ontario Science Centre, Biomechanics: The Machine Inside, explores this and we have a perfect [...]