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Capture Every Graduation Moment

I’ll admit it — I failed my child. There, I said it. I goofed. I’m a professional photographer of 20 years, and there I was on graduation day, my one and only [...]

60 Jokes for Kids to Make them Laugh

It’s amazing the rejuvinative powers of laughter. A smile can make you feel good but laughter takes that feeling deep down inside impacting both your emotional and physical health. Kids can benefit from a [...]

Confession Time: 5 Mom Truths

The start of a new video series, I confess a few things that are on my mind. This week I’m talking about those realizations you only hit upon when you become a [...]

Mindfulness for Kids

I’m assuming you’re reading this because you’re seeking change; you hope to reshape, refine, or alter what you’re doing now as a parent. Maybe you want a [...]