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Water Pik EcoFlow Showerheads: Water Savings, Shower Performance

Written by Carrie Anne

With a family of five we seem to use a lot of water in our house: laundry, dishes, baths and showers. Technology enables us to have a washing machine and a dishwasher that runs on less water, now to take care of the water used in the many daily showers.

EcoFlow_1The Ecoflow brand showerhead from Water Pik is designed to reduce your water consumption (by up to 48% according to their calculations).

That’s great, but what does that mean for my shower experience. Sometimes a good shower is the only thing that gets me on the right foot in the morning.

So the folks at Water Pik sent over an EcoFlow 5 Mode showerhead to see (or rather feel) for myself.

The installation was easy. I mean, EASY. The package comes with everything you need, including a little wrench for tightening the connection. No need to make trips to the hardware store for a washer or special tools. We installed the handheld version (you can get the fixed mount option too, but I like to have control over my shower).

Then the big test, the shower. Nice. Perhaps it’s because the EcoFlow 5 Mode uses OptiFLOW technology, the water pressure didn’t seem that different (it’s designed to increase water force by up to 30% according to the site).

ecoflowshowerWhat I did notice and enjoyed was the five different spray settings: full body spray, mist, concentrated fan spray, circular massage and circular message mist. You can change the settings easily by turning the outside ring of the showerhead. The movement was easy and smooth, no fighting to move it to the next setting. I used the full-body spray and the circular massage spray the most. The kids loved the mist, kind of like being out in the rain.

The five spray settings are great, but I think the one feature I really love, the one that gets used most, is the water-pause setting. A simple switch at the base of the shower wand and I can turn down the water. This means when I’m lathering up I can turn the water down without adjusting my other water settings. Then turn it back on when I’m ready to rinse.

The design of the EcoFlow 5 Mode is nice too. The chrome finish is nice and the overall showerhead offers a good spray surface. The handheld version comes with a faux metal hose that I found a little stiff to use, but that would probably loosen up over time.

Overall I’m really happy with the water saving features of the EcoFlow 5 Mode showerhead, especially since it doesn’t feel like I’m sacrificing any of my shower experience.

* An EcoFlow showerhead was provided for the purpose of this review

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