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Eliminate Odors Naturally with Everfresh Laundry Bags, Hampers and Baskets

Written by Carrie Anne

With five people in our house there never seems to be a shortage of laundry; however, there does seem to be a shortage of time to get the laundry done. That means laundry baskets get pretty full and baskets full of dirty laundry aren't really pleasant to have around.

everfresh-laundry-toteIn the past I've used air fresheners to mask unpleasant or lingering odor but neatfreak, a privately owned Canadian-based company, seems to have come up with a natural way to eliminate odor in your laundry containers.

According to their media information, everfresh, neatfreak's laundry line, has friendly enzymes built into the fabric that work continuously to eliminate odor resulting in a fresh and clean laundry bag, basket or hamper. That means everfresh is non-toxic, 100% natural and environmentally friendly.

I received a single fashion laundry tote to try it out for myself. I placed it in my three-year-olds room; I knew in there it would be put to the test. Some days the laundry in her room can be a little over powering, especially when you have to get your face up close to scoop it out of her basket.

The single laundry tote is actually quite roomy. Because it is a soft-sided laundry bag it doesn’t stand up perfectly straight like a laundry container but it doesn’t just crumple into a heap on the floor either. laundry-everfresh-demoMy daughter could easily put her dirty clothes in the bag without any assistance. The tote style is actually great for carrying her laundry from her room into the bathroom (where our washer and dryer are located). It has both short handles and long handles depending on how full the bag gets and what’s easier for you to handle. There is a small side pocket too if you had to carry laundry soap or something else down to your laundry machine.

So it’s a stylish, easily transportable laundry bag but does it fight odors like is promises? After a few days of my daughter’s dirty clothes ‘maturing’ in the tote, I took a sniff. Nothing. I stuck my head right into the laundry bag, right up close to the clothes. Nothing. I pulled items out and sniffed them. Still nothing. And by nothing I mean no terrible, nose-crinkling odor. I’ll be the first to admit I was surprised. Since using the everfresh laundry tote I haven’t had to use air freshener in my daughter’s room, which is nice since I wasn’t a big fan of spraying her room to begin witih.

We tried the single laundry tote, but neatfreak! has an extensive line of everfresh laundry products depending on your needs and space and are available for sale across the country.

* Product was provided for the purpose of this review

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