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Lysol Healthy Touch Automated Soap Dispenser

Written by Carrie Anne

I think all parents know how important hand washing is at maintaining good health, especially with kids. They’re playing outside, they’re going to the bathroom, they’re sharing toys with friends and those same hands are putting food in their mouths.

healthtouch-dispenserWe were recently sent Lysol’s new Healthy Touch, an anti-bacterial soap dispenser. The device is no bigger than a standard bottle of hand soap you may already have sitting on your counter.The difference is that Healthy Touch dispenses soap automatically based on a sensor. Just place your hand in front of the dispenser and soap is released.

I put it in our downstairs bathroom since it gets used most by the kids (washing up after being outside, cleaning up for dinner) and boy did they put the Healthy Touch to the test. All 3 of my kids love and use the dispenser; even my 3-year-old can use the Health Touch all on her own. I actually found my kids washed their hands more because they loved how easy the Healthy Touch was to use (and it is kind of cool too).

The dispenser releases about a quarter-sized dollop of soap; no more issues with too much soap from my pump happy son or too little from my quick wash older daughter. We did have one episode of my son trying to get the dispenser to fill his hands with soap by moving under the dispenser over and over again, but that only happened once and it is to be expected with such a cool tool.

The other feature I liked about the Healthy Touch is how clean it is. I mean the soap squirts from the dispenser right into your hand, no globby soap residue on your counter. For someone who hates cleaning the bathroom to begin with, this is a plus.

healthy-touch-revproductI should point out, and actually the information that came with the package mentioned it too, the sensor aspect of the Healthy Touch can be triggered when you move the dispenser. There’s a switch on the back for turning it off if you want to move it to clean the counter. My husband didn’t read this of course and had the soap shoot out on him while he was oohing and aahing at it in the bathroom.

The starter kit retails for $14.99 Cdn. and comes with a bottle of Lysol hand soap (251 mL) and the 4AA batteries needed to run the machine. I just substituted these with the rechargeable batteries we have at home. The soap that came with the dispenser was Hydrating Cucumber Splash and it smelled wonderful. I found the aroma pleasant, not too perfumey or too antiseptic. You can also get the soap in the Cleansing Green Tea and Ginger aroma and the replacement cartridges retail for $4.99 Cdn. Both are available in major grocery and drug stores across Canada.

* Product was provided for the purpose of this review

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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