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I had recently found out about The Madonna Inn from another person’s blog post. The Inn has all sorts of themed rooms like the Safari Room or the Cave Man Room, which sounded super cool. I really wanted to go there just to get to see everything. For my birthday I was in for a surprise.
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51 Easter Craft Ideas 51 Easter Craft Ideas
It’s easy to get caught up in the chocolate treats or toys for kids when it comes to Easter but it’s also the perfect time to pull out the craft supplies. Whether you are looking to make a gift, decorate the home or just occupy the kids here are 51 Easter-themed craft ideas worth a check.
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Kids Book Review: Oh! If Only... Kids Book Review: Oh! If Only...
Oh! If Only...Random House Canadaage 4-8By Michael Foreman32 pages
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Tips on Dining with Kids on the Melissa & Doug Blog Tips on Dining with Kids on the Melissa & Doug Blog
Whether you are on a family vacation, celebrating an event, or just looking to have fun with the family, dining out with the kids can be a fun option. If you are worried about hitting your favourite restaurant with kids in tow, I have some tips.
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No More 'Red Eye' for This Family No More 'Red Eye' for This Family
When we were invited to attend Disney’s fifth Social Media Moms Conference in Disneyland this past week (it returns to Disney World in 2015) I wanted to make the most of our time on the west coast. The last day of the conference was Sunday so when I found a ‘red eye’ flight that night (leaving late Sunday and arriving home early Monday morning) I thought that would be the perfect way to get more…
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11 Carry-On Essentials 11 Carry-On Essentials
When traveling with kids everyone seems to focus on keeping the kids entertained, packing gear to occupy them, but moms need a little distraction too. Some essentials in my carry-on or personal travel bag include but are not limited to:
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Discover the Sultans of Science with this Giveaway Discover the Sultans of Science with this Giveaway
The Ontario Science Centre is a great destination whether you live in the city or are visiting from out of town.  My youngest daughter loved learning about the human body through the interactive Sesame Street Presents The Body exhibit and now a new exhibit Sultans of Science is on display until June 7. The Ontario Science Centre has just the giveaway to celebrate.
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Throwback Thursday: Eight Seconds Throwback Thursday: Eight Seconds
When I lived in Ottawa, my high school years, I loved the local boy band Eight Seconds.  Every time one of their songs came on MuchMusic I would turn up the volume and sing to the capacity of my lungs and vocal cords. I especially loved their song Kiss You When It’s Dangerous.
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My Style. After School Snacking My Style. After School Snacking
March break wasn’t that long ago and summer vacation is almost here. At the beginning of the school year my mom is more creative with snacks and lunches but now it's getting kind of boring. I want to show you snacks that are tasty but still healthy (so your mom won’t mind buying them) and they are perfect for an after school or at school snack.
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4 Questions Pre-Teen Girls are Afraid to Ask Their Mom 4 Questions Pre-Teen Girls are Afraid to Ask Their Mom
Each stage of parenthood has its own challenges and adolescence is no different. As a mom to a girl entering this new territory I like to think I leave myself open for conversations with my daughter about anything and everything but according to our Junior Style Blogger Verity, there are some topics and questions pre-teen girls just aren’t comfortable brining up.
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