Family Travel Southern California Road Trip with Tweens

My son and I enjoyed a little Southern California adventure, taking a seven day road trip, just the two of us. Of course I had to overcome my anxiety of being the only driver but after that our trip together was non-stop. We visited Pasadena and Hollywood, drove over to Huntington Beach and then down the coast through Dana Harbor and ending in San Diego. […]

Toronto Urban Walking Experience #ECCOLovesMoms

Soon my oldest will be starting high school, growing busier with school and social commitments. With Mother’s Day around the corner we decided to spend the day together, tourists in our own backyard. Ecco Shoes offered to keep us going during our Toronto walking tour. […]

Escape to Montreal in Hotel Le Crystal’s Penthouse Suite

Montreal is an easy weekend getaway and when we heard it was home to the world’s largest permanent Barbie exhibit we had to plan a visit. Finding downtown accommodations for a family of five was easy when we discovered Hotel Le Crystal. […]

A Huntington Beach Getaway at the Hyatt Regency

My son and I took a road trip adventure along the Southern California coast, starting in Hollywood and Pasadena and ending in San Diego. En-route to San Diego (and our whale watching experience) we stopped in Huntington Beach, one of my favourite coastal cities, and the Regency Hyatt. […]

Enter the World of Hello Kitty at Universal Orlando

From Minions and the Simpsons to magical world of wizardry, Universal Orlando has a way of brining these fantasy characters to life for guests. Now, to the squeals of glee from my daughters, Hello Kitty joins in on the fun. […]

Grabbing a Bite in Old Pasadena

Before planning my trip to Southern California with my son, I would never have given Pasadena much thought. Most people probably know it for the Rose Bowl and its vicinity to Hollywood and Universal Studios but as we discovered, Pasadena can stand as its own destination. During our brief stay we had a chance to experience the foodie side of the city. […]

Hanging Out with Barbie in Downtown Montreal

Many of my childhood hours were spent playing with Barbie and her friends, living out my career (and wardrobe) fantasies. Over the years, outfit styles have changed, even Barbie herself has evolved with the times. Whether you’re feeling nostalgic or you have a mini Barbie fan in your family, a trip to Montreal calls for a visit to the Barbie Expo. […]

Whale Watching off California’s Dana Point

Sea life has a way of fascinating kids but as they get older, visits to the aquarium may not produce the same awestruck response. When traveling out to Southern California with my eleven year old son, we decided to go bigger, as in an ocean bigger. […]

Vlog 009: Road Trip Driving on My Own

It’s been awhile since I’ve added a new vlog but a recent California adventure with my son brought on some unexpected anxieties that almost put the trip in jeopardy. Have you ever noticed it’s easier to give advice to your kids than to follow it yourself? […]

6 Travel Games from the 2016 Toy Fair

Technology can come in handy when traveling with kids if used in moderation. Our own Family Game Time blogger even shared a few apps that siblings can play together on one tablet. But distraction and fun can be had without the use of devices. Visiting this year’s Toy Fair in New York City I discovered a few toys perfect to pack in your carry-on bag or stow in the backseat for your family road trip. […]