Beautylicous Means Mom Time

Helping kids with their homework. Ensuring the milk in the fridge hasn’t expired. Rushing out of work in order to get your son to swim practice. As mom’s we’re multitasking champions when it comes to others. Unfortunately, our needs are often pushed to the bottom of the list. Toronto’s Beautylicious is the perfect time to take care of yourself and perhaps treat yourself to something you’ve only dreamed of doing. […]

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My Style. Stylish High School Organizing

School has started and for me that means grade nine. My first year of high school. It’s been both nerve-wracking and exciting, but I’ve also learned that it’s very important to stay organized and keep track of everything you’re doing. I went to an unlikely place for my high school organization needs. Hallmark. […]

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My Style. Shoes for the Summer Transition.

It’s that time of year where everyone is starting to get ready for summer, swapping our winter layers for shorts and tank tops. However, something I personally find incredibly difficult is finding shoes for the seasonal transition. I mean it’s not like I want to have endless amounts of shoes. If you face this same dilemma, I found four fun summer shoes that are perfect for the winter to summer transition. […]

OOTD: Jessica Business from Sears

Returning to work for moms means re-evaluating your wardrobe but finding something that doesn’t break the bank is important. That’s wear Sears comes in. […]

My Style. Wet n Wild Makeup Brushes

I’ve really been getting into doing my makeup, however it can be really difficult to find good brushes that aren’t really pricey. Like $300 pricey. Wet n Wild, a beauty brand that is completely cruelty-free, has come out with some new makeup brushes and I though I’d try them out. […]

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My Style. 40 Texting Terms Your Teen is Using

“Text language” or txt-speak has become more and more popular. People are coming up with what seems like a million abbreviations a day. It doesn’t help you, parent, if your son or daughter keeps using them and you don’t know what they mean. To help you out I compiled a list of abbreviations (or short cuts) so you will now be able to decode messages on social media or text.  […]

Tria Beauty Laser Hair Removal 4X – Initial Treatment

Even though we’re in the middle of winter an upcoming visit to the warm California coast has me thinking of shorts and sleeveless shirts. And with that, hair removal. I had a chance to try the Tria Beauty Precision but removing bigger areas of hair like on your legs or arms call for the Tria Beauty 4X. […]

My Style. Joe Fresh Beauty Comes to Shoppers Drug Mart

Joe Fresh has been selling modern, quality, and inexpensive beauty products since 2009. I don’t know if you’ve yet to hear the amazing news but officially Joe Fresh Beauty has arrived at Shoppers Drug Mart making it available at 850 Shoppers Drug Mart and pharmaprix stores across Canada. […]

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My Stye. 5 Shops to Find Cool Phone Cases

The holidays are now over and I know a lot of my friends received phones (either new or hand-me-downs as parents received new phones). You know they just got a standard clear plastic case but a phone case is more than something that protects your phone. It can say a lot about what you like or your personal style. If you’re looking to add some fun to your phone I’ve shared five spots where you can get unique cases that will fit your style perfectly. […]

My Style. Pop Art Halloween

Its already fall and you know what that means? Halloween! I’m supper pumped. A few years ago I created a fun DIY Airline Stewardess costume and last year I shared some fun make-up tutorials to recreate but this year I’m all about pop art. For the longest time I’ve wanted to try the comic book pop art look but I have never gotten around to it. This is the year. To help me out I found a couple of YouTube video tutorials that showcase how you can do this look in a couple of ways. […]

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