A Month of Love Notes

We don’t just start loving those important to us when February rolls around but sometimes we need reminders. Sometimes we take for granted those closest to us and Valentines Day is that nudge we may need to express our feelings. I’m not really one to celebrate Valentines Day. Maybe its because my husband and I have been married for so long or perhaps it’s because the date has evolved into something more about the kids than my husband and I. This year will be different. […]

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When is the Right Time for Kids?

As I was writing a little bit about myself for another project, I started to think how my current path wasn’t what I had planned. Many people hope to get married (some even have binders full of planning details) and the obvious next step is kids. That wasn’t my plan. […]

Mommy Business Trip: What Are Your Reasons?

Our friend @CocktailDeeva shared this article, “The Mommy Business Trip” from the Wall Street Journal on Facebook today, and I immediately got my knickers in a knot. I felt the author completely missed one major element to the story. For me, it is the main reason, the business reason. […]

Make a Difference in Your Community

Thanks to the folks at Telus I had the chance to attend We Day in Toronto with my 10-year old daughter. As parents we feel it is our duty to protect our kids from the bad things in the world but we also want to empower them to speak up, make decisions, and care for the world around them. Telus is helping to make this happen. […]

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Social Media Offers Parental Support

According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, “Mothers face many common issues in the early days following birth. Isolation, fear or insecurity about infant care, breastfeeding, where to go for help, role adjustment, fatigue, coping with siblings or partners, body image, nutrition, and the need for peer support – all must be dealt with.” {Note: these issues do not dissapear as a child grows older… these issues … re-surface… evolve …explode…throughout the growing years} […]

Losing Your Independence to Fear

I’ve always been pretty independent, or at least I thought I was, but lately I’ve come to realize that some of my youthful independence has been replaced, by fear. I decided to move to Toronto for school when most of my friends and the man I was seeing opted to stay behind. I would travel the route home and back, by car, by bus, and sometimes by plane, without giving it a second thought. […]

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Stepping Away for the Sake of the Kids

I love how my iPhone keeps me connected: my husband and I exchange silly banter and updates on our day through text messages; I can search for recipe ideas to inspire my dinner plans for the evening; I can answer my email even when I’m away from my computer; I can connect with people to share a joke, a photo, an opinion when I log into my social networks. My iPhone enables me to create balance between work and home, giving me the chance to spend time with my kids while still meeting work obligations. […]

Personal Display of Affection (PDA). How Comfortable Are You?

A friend of mine was at a party a few months back. As midnight neared and the party went into overtime, a slow song came on. My friend made a beeline for her husband and danced slowly and seductively with him. They enjoyed the moment immensely, grateful to feel comfortable enough in front of their friends to express their affection. […]

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Being Naked: Women and Body Issues

It was my first semester at graduate school in San Francisco. The artsy-fartsy professor decided we needed to do a little de-stressing. He instructed the class to get into groups of three and do a two-people massaging one-person exercise. In the time it took for me to turn to the two people sitting closest and ask them to be in my group, I looked back at the front and there was my professor stark naked. […]

How You are Sexy

You have it within you to be ‘that sexy person’ who can walk into any room and stop everyone in their tracks. You are that person who unabashedly oozes sexuality. Are you rolling your eyes? […]

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