Fall Clothes Shopping for Kids – 6 Tips

I am not a fan of shopping, whether for myself or someone else. I’m the type of person who goes into a store and heads right for the underwear section (usually what I end up going into store for most it seems). No straying into other sections. That’s why I need a plan, especially when it comes to shopping for my kids, so I’m sharing a few tips I find useful when fall clothes shopping for the school year. […]

My Style. 40 Texting Terms Your Teen is Using

“Text language” or txt-speak has become more and more popular. People are coming up with what seems like a million abbreviations a day. It doesn’t help you, parent, if your son or daughter keeps using them and you don’t know what they mean. To help you out I compiled a list of abbreviations (or short cuts) so you will now be able to decode messages on social media or text.  […]

Words Beyond Hate

I hate math. I hate going to swimming lessons. I hate my friend. I have when you make meatloaf. Have you ever noticed how often the word HATE appears in your child’s vocabulary? With the number of words available to us in the English language it feels as though some words are often overused and perhaps not being used correctly. […]

New York City and Melissa & Doug at Toy Fair

Imagine being presented with an opportunity to work with a brand you love. That was the position I was in when Melissa & Doug asked me to contribute to their Playtime Press blog just over two years ago. I’m excited to say this role is changing (more to come) and to kick things off, I was invited down to meet THE Melissa & Doug at Toy Fair in New York City. […]

Beyond WeDay. How You Can Make a Difference.

Ways Thanks to the folks at TELUS I had the chance to attend this year’s WeDay event in Toronto. I love that TELUS is a sponsor, just one of many ways the company invests in the community around them. Not surprising, the WeDay event was inspiring but they also shared some ways our kids can maintain their momentum. […]

Dietainment and Our Kids

Our daughter’s are beautiful and smart, funny, and kind. As parents we know these amazing little girls and young ladies will grow into amazing adults. Maybe it’s because of all we see that it hurts so much when our daughter’s don’t have this same vision. […]

How to Grow a Healthy Eater – Starting Solids

Eating is one of the first life skills your baby will learn, and good nutrition is key to keeping your growing family healthy & happy.  Healthy food is synergistic with healthy children, and the best way to ensure this is to start them young – from a baby’s very first foods!  Below are some key tidbits of information for parents starting to introduce solids to their little ones.  In the end, remember to trust your intuition – you know your baby best – and have fun with it.  It is an exciting time of growth and development not just for your child, but also for your whole family. […]

10 Tips to Ease Transitions with Your child

After raising eight children, I’ve been through many important transitional phases. One of the biggest transitions comes at the beginning of the school year. Your child could be getting ready to start at a new school, move to a new classroom or attend a child care centre for the first time. Each child is unique and deals with this time of year differently. It’s important to take these differences into account when preparing for any potential shifts in routine. […]

This Summer, Wanna Play?

There’s something special about those two summer months, especially for kids. Homework-free nights. No morning alarm clock. Long warm days of nothing planned. Do you ever wish you were a kid again just to feel that joy? But summer freedom isn’t what it used to be when I was the age of my children. […]

Young People’s Theatre and tagged

During my high school days we only had to worry about notes and whispers behind our back. I didn’t even own my first mobile phone until I was in my twenties. Now smartphones proliferate the school yards and classrooms and with it comes a whole other realm of social behaviour. […]