EQ Bank Charges Less and Pays More

I can’t remember the last time I stepped into my local bank. Perhaps to use the bank machine but hardly ever to see the teller. So much of my family’s financial life happens online yet I still seem to be supporting an antiquated banking system. […]

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Family. Frugal. Frivolously Fun. Spending Your Tax Refund

Tax season may not be your favourite time of year but getting yourself organized before hand can make the task less daunting. The new tax changes for families can mean the possibility of a refund, my favourite part of tax time, but how to spend that money? […]

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2014 Tax Deductions and Credits for Families

New shoes. Larger cars. After-school programs. Growing your family to include kids can add to your costs but during tax season you can also benefit from a little financial reprieve. When completing your 2014 tax returns consider these four tax incentives: […]

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5 Ways to Prepare for Tax Time

Anticipation of your next family trip seems to make the days drag on, feeling like your vacation will never get here, but those occasions you dread always arrive before you know it. That’s tax time in our home. You can’t escape filing taxes but you can cut down on the dread by preparing yourself. […]

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Amazon Subscribe and Save Delivers

Coffee. Toilet paper. Toothpaste. Some items are always on my shopping list. A new service for means I’m never without my essentials. […]

7 Things to Know about Interac Flash

Interac, or Debit as most of us refer to it, isn’t new technology. I’ve used it many times when out picking up a few last minute items at the grocery store or grabbing a gift for the kids. It’s like paying with cash without having to carry cash. Now there’s a new service being offered to Canadians, Interac Flash, and at a recent dinner I discovered 7 things you may want to know about the technology. […]

Isn’t it Time You Switched Credit Cards?

Moving to Toronto for school, I knew I entered the adult world when I received my first credit card. Like most Canadians, about 60 percent according to research commissioned by American Express Canada, I opted for the credit card from my bank because it was convenient. But things have changed and now I have a card that is more than a convenient payment method. […]

Moonlight Madness Sale Means Black Friday Deals

With gifts for the kids, Christmas can easily go over budget. Toys”R”Us Canada wants to help easy the pressure on your pocket book with their Moonlight Madness Sale on Friday, November 16, 2012. Black Friday prices without the hassle of crossing the border. […]

Brand Loyalty Versus Cost. It’s Only Toothpaste

It’s true, buying product in bulk can sometimes save you money. I say sometimes because buying 10-pound tub of yogurt for our small family may be cheaper on purely a cost comparison basis, but not being able to eat it all before the expiry date sort of negates the original savings. […]

Goodbye Assumed Security. Hello Financial Doubts.

Eating out on the weekends, adding the latest tech gadget into our collection, or planning a family getaway, we’ve done it all and without much thought behind it. We had the money and we wanted to give our kids the advantages and experiences we didn’t have as kids ourselves. Then the economy changed. […]

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