Capturing Christmas

If you’ve visited our family travel section or follow our Instagram account, you know I like to capture photos of these moments with my family and friends. I think I take more photos now because my smartphone is with me all the time but TELUS reminded me there’s more to just capturing the images. […]

Mixit Customized Cereal for a Healthier Breakfast Treat

For some, buying a Triple, Venti, Half Sweet, Non-Fat, Caramel Macchiato is a perfect treat for getting your day off to a good start. I’m opting for a healthier indulgence. I’m talking about the Canadian Mixit customized cereal just for me. […]

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17 Television Shows for Teens to Start Watching on Netflix

No matter when it is, I always have trouble finding a new television show worth watching. When one comes to an end, it seems like that’s it, that was the only one that will ever be great, the only one I will ever love. However, that’s not the case, Netflix offers a great abundance of TV shows that are amazing. To help both broaden your mind and slim the search for your next obsession I put together 17 television shows that you may or may not have heard of. […]

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Fall Clothes Shopping for Kids – 6 Tips

I am not a fan of shopping, whether for myself or someone else. I’m the type of person who goes into a store and heads right for the underwear section (usually what I end up going into store for most it seems). No straying into other sections. That’s why I need a plan, especially when it comes to shopping for my kids, so I’m sharing a few tips I find useful when fall clothes shopping for the school year. […]

Taking a Pai moment

Some days I wish I could just escape to the spa, forget the To-Do list and focus on nothing. The reality is getting away isn’t always possible though I have discovered even a small bout of pampering and self love can yield big results. […]

Tips for Summer Family Entertaining

Big family gathering or a few close friends, summer weather brings the perfect opportunity for summer family entertaining with a backyard get together. We’ve gathered a few of our favourite tips for family entertaining. […]

My Style. Menchies Giveaway

I love Menchies. I love the process of choose my cup, sampling my way through the different frozen yogurt flavours and agonizing over the different toppings.  You can create anything really. If you you are a fan of making your own delicious creations, you’ll be happy to hear about their great giveaway. […]

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Achieving Flexibility When Returning to Work

When I agreed to take on a new role, returning to the digital agency life again as a Program Director at Blue Hive, the HR personal was curious why I would give up the freedom my work-from-home life afforded me. It’s true, I did enjoy a fair amount of freedom like volunteering at my children’s school or taking impromptu trips. What she didn’t know was that thanks to TELUS I wasn’t giving up on my freedom. I was adding more flexibility. […]

Easy Ways to Conserve Water at Home When #EveryDropCounts

On a recent trip to California we went hiking in Eaton Canyon just outside of Pasadena. The trail we were suppose to hike was closed because of damage from the rain. Not flooding but rather erosion due to the draught the state has been experiencing for the last few years. That’s right, years.  Our ecotourism guide from Bikes and Hikes LA reminded us how it has been a hard lesson for residents to learn and I understand. […]

The Evolution of the Phone Store

Remember when a visit to your local phone store was to pay a bill or upgrade to the latest device? I love my Samsung Galaxy 6 from TELUS, connecting me to so many parts of my life. This seems to be a trend and one that TELUS is embracing based on their more lifestyle focused concept stores in the Toronto’s Eaton Centre and Edmonton’s Southgate Centre. […]

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