To Kill A Mockingbird at Young People’s Theatre

Not too long ago my social media feeds were filled with support, discussions and favourite books as part of Banned Books Week. It reminds us to think about the material we read and speak out about our ability to decide on appropriate works for ourselves, like, Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, listed on Freedom to Read’s Challenged Works list.  […]

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7 Alternatives to Pumpkin Carving

For many families Halloween means a visit to the pumpkin patch to find the perfect pumpkin (here are some tips that may help). Usually the pumpkin is destined to become a Jack-o-lantern but if you have little ones who aren’t ready to handle the carving yet want to be involved, try some of these pumpkin carving alternatives. […]

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Journal Writing on the Melissa & Doug Blog

The start of the school year means busy schedules with homework and extra curricular activities filling the calendar spots. Getting the kids to reflect on their day is important too and a great opportunity to take to a journal. […]

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51 Disney Craft Ideas

Have you ever noticed when you talk to someone about your last vacation you develop the desire to return to that destination? That’s they way I felt when Travel & Leisure invited us to participate as a panelist on their recent twitter travel chat focused on Disney travel.


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51 Chalk Craft Ideas

From a game of hopscotch to creating a race track course, nothing beats a box of coloured chalk to occupy the kids during the nicer weather. Stir up some creativity with these 51 Chalk Craft ideas. […]

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Melissa & Doug June Post – Painting What You See With Kids

The warmer weather means summer is almost here. To avoid summer boredom Melissa & Doug have launched their 2014 Summer Fun Calendar again this year and I’m excited that EverythingMom is part of this year’s program. […]

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Maleficent, Not the Sleeping Beauty You Remember

No doubt you are familiar with Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. Although not one of the more popular Disney Princesses in our home, my family is familiar with the story. Disney’s Maleficent tells a slightly different tale. […]

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51 travel crafts

From creating our own cruise ship portals for one of my Melissa & Doug posts to participating as a panelist in Travel + Leisure Magazine’s family travel twitter chat, travel has been on my mind. What better way to extend the travel experience than with a few travel crafts? Here are 51 of my favourite. […]

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51 Flower Craft Ideas

Whether its for a Mother’s Day gift or just to celebrate the beginning of spring, flowers with their colours and shapes are a delight for the eyes. Even if you don’t have a green thumb you can still fill your life with flowers starting with these 51 flower craft ideas. […]

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51 Easter Craft Ideas

It’s easy to get caught up in the chocolate treats or toys for kids when it comes to Easter but it’s also the perfect time to pull out the craft supplies. Whether you are looking to make a gift, decorate the home or just occupy the kids here are 51 Easter-themed craft ideas worth a check.

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